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Course Rules

Out of Bounds

Beyond any fence or hedge bounding the course. White marker posts on the left of pond on third and top of bank on right of third. White painted trees on left of seventh. White marker posts on right, top of bank on eighth. On or beyond tarmac path back of 9th.

Stones in Bunker

Stones in bunkers are a moveable obstruction. Rule 24.1 applies.

Free Drops

From any pathway, bridge, tee, markers, benches, or obvious drainage trenches. All sprinkler heads, ball washers. All staked trees.

Water Hazards

All water hazards are red stakes.

Staked or Young Protected Trees

The player must lift and drop his/her ball (without penalty) if the swing or stance is impeded by staked trees. Drop ball at the nearest point of relief.

Wrong Green

A ball coming to rest on the wrong green must be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole without penalty.

No Trolleys

No trolleys on the tees and greens – REPAIR your pitch mark and one other – REPLACE ALL divots – treat the course with respect.


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