Cheque Presentation to Eastbourne Area Community First Responders on Wednesday 18th January.

Rob Jarvis, Club Captain 2016 and Bill Lawrence, Seniors Captain 2016, with the willing support of all Members, raised £2034 for the above Charity in 2016.

The cheque was presented on Wednesday 18th January. Bill gave a short speech to outline the reasons for supporting this Charity,

‘In 2014 in conjunction with the then Club Captain, Martin Healy, we decided to raise funds to purchase and install a Defibrillator, we then looked round to see who could instruct us in the use of it, I approached a member of the First Responders who willingly gave up their time to hold a seminar for our Members, So, when I became the 2016 Seniors Captain, I consulted with Club Captain Rob and we decided to support the First Responders.

The First Responders Area Secretary, John Kenton Page, responded

‘Thank you all so much for your magnificent donation. This is such a help to us and it very much appreciated.

Just a quick word about what we do. We are an extra resource for the Ambulance Service. When you dial 999, if it is a life-threatening situation. the ambulance service will dispatch a Responder as well as the ambulance. Because we operate within a 3 mile radius of our homes, we can often be at the scene more quickly than the ambulance and especially in life-threatening situations such as a Cardiac Arrest, we can start CPR within the 10 minute timescale that is necessary. When the ambulance arrives, we form part of the crew treating the patient.

The area we cover not only includes Eastbourne but also the outlying areas such as The Dicker, Hailsham, Herstmonceux, Pevensey & Pevensey Bay. Attending this evening with me are Mark & Nina who are Responders from Herstmonceux, together with Karen our Treasurer.

We also provide free services to the community by running Heartstart Courses that teach 6 life-saving skills and CPR/AED courses for those who have installed defibrillators. In that regard, we also provide free advice to any organisation that is considering purchasing a defibrillator.

We are trained by the South East Coast Ambulance Service and they provide consumables, but we have to buy our uniforms and kit, including expensive defibrillators. This costs £2,000 for each Responder, so your kind donation will kit out one of our 2 new Responders that have just qualified. We also have to fundraise to cover our annual running costs of £6,000.

We struggle to keep our heads above water financially and we are extremely grateful to you for this generous donation. Thank you very much.